aquarium fertilizer
New water hardeness calculator.
more then 2000 tanks for inspiration
New Redfield Ratio calculator
New NPK converter for better orientation in fertilizers.
start pack
  • for PMDD, Estimative Index and PPS
  • fertilzer for 5 years
  • 5kg fertilizer
  • digital scale
  • 5x wide neck jar
Plantex CSM+B
Mix of chelated trace elements
  • made in USA/Canada
hnojivo pro akvarijní rostliny se směsí mikroprvků kanadského výrobce. Složením nejvíce podobné původní receptuře. Směs na přípravu 500ml hnojiva.
MicroMix plus
  • 4 forms of iron
  • 13 microelements
Mixture of microelements support excelent colorationí and grow plants
root tabs NPK+TE for 12 months
Root zone capsules, slowly release micro and macro nutrients directly to the roots for 12 months.
Tenso Cocktail
Mixture of chelated micronutrients of Dutch producer supply plants with all essential micro elements.
wave scissors
Wave scissors (26cm) for aquascaping for better access to plants Made of stainless steel.
PMDD premix 400g
PMDD is original fertilizer based on algea control experiments and more then 17 years of experiences. Support of plants growth and supress of algea. Supply of fertilizer for more then 2.3 years
iron oxid
  • natural form of iron
  • excelent for substrate preparation
eShop news:
PMFE - 3l
Plant\'s body is created of 45% of carbon, which plants get out of CO2. This leadts to the algea. PMFE contains organic compound as carbon source.
potassium dihydrogen phosphate 99% - KH2PO4
Source of phosphorus. Contains 70% of phosphates. Purity 99%.
root tablet NPK+TE - XXL - low P
Slowly releasing fertilizing XXL tablets (NPK 24–5–10(3,5)+TE). Suited for big plants like Echinodorus and Aponogeton.

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PMDD original text: Control of Algae in Planted Aquaria Original Sears and Conlin's paper about algea control known as Poorman's Dosing Drops. Set of experiments on plant and algae response to different nutrients.
glutaraldehyd v akvaristice - hnojivo nebo lákadlo na peníze? Glutaraldehyd je v posledních několika letech podstrkován akvaristům jako výborný pomocník pro dodávání uhlíku rostlinám nebo jako prostředek pro ničení řas. Obsahují ho všechny produkty jako SeaChem Excel, PMFE nebo vital CO2.
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