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CSM - Chelated Secondary Micronutrients

CSM - Chelated Secondary Micronutrients Mixture of chelated micronutrients. Iron contain 8.5%
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What trace elements are?

Trace elements, also called "micro elements", are nutritiens(elements), which plants need just traces for ensuring of many internal proccesses. There is unsufficient supply of this elements in unfertilised aquarium. Even with eriched substrated, there is need of fertilising of micronutrients.

What are chelates

Free and readily available micro and trace elements are, by very natural processes, oxydised nad bind to/in insolubles, and for plants unavailable, forms. These unwanted processes are stronger in in waters with higher pH and rich by oxygen. Nutritients, Chelates holding nutritients in "cage" which protects nutritiens from reactions. And by this, nutritiens are avalable to plants for much more longer.

iron total 8.5%
(EDTA) iron 6.1%
(DTPA) iron 2.4%
borrum 1.5%
(EDTA) manganese 2.44%
molybdenum 0.072%
(EDTA) zinc 0.48%
(EDTA) copper 0.12%

Thanks high contain chelates. You can use less amount to get same result as with Plantex CSM, or Tenso Cocktail

replacement ofCSMexample
Plantex CSM+B77%replace 9,6g Plantex CSM+B by 7,4g CSM
Tenso Cocktail45%replace 16,4g Tenso Cocktail by 7,4g CSM
MicroMix plus70%replace 10.5g MicroMix by 7,4g CSM



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