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Remin complete

Remin complete Remin complete is designed remineralisation of water suited for planted aqeuarium. Raises general and carbonate hardness (3:1)
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Remin complete is specifically designed to establish the ideal mineral content for the planted aquarium. REMIN contains no sodium (which can be detrimental to a planted aquarium at elevated levels). It is ideally suited for use with RO (reverse osmosis) or DI (deionized) water or any mineral deficient water. REMIN raises the essential mineral/electrolyte content (General and carbonate Hardness). Contains no phosphates or nitrates.

Poorman's REMIN, by its content, is very similar to Tom Barr's GH booster or Seachem Equilibrium.

Thanks high content of potassium, there is no need to use any other potassium fertiliyer. Don't use K2SO4 or KCl if you use PMDD or Estimative index.


Use 21g (1 spoon) per 100l o water to raise mineral content/hardness by 1meq/L(3dH) and 1kH when water change. You can add REMIN directly to tank, but we recommand disolve dose in 1 liter of water before. When this mixture is added to the aquarium it will impart a slight haze that should clear within 15–30 minutes. Don't use REMIN when replacing evaporated water.

Poorman's GH booster
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GH booster is designed for planted aquarium water reminelasiation. GH booster raises general hardness (gH), but no carbonate hardness.



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Dobry den. Chci se zeptat. Neni tam toho drasliku extremne hodne? Kdyz si dle vaseho doporuceni obohatim svou osmotickou vodu a pak budu do akvaria pridavat treba 7mg/l no3 tak k cemu budu mit ve vode 39mg/l drasliku? Nebo to chapu nejak spatne? Pomner dusicnanu a draliku by mel byt preci skoro stejny ne? Predem dekuji za vasi odpoved. S pozdravem Hamernik


Dobrý den

pokud budu chtít naředit demin. vodu na hodnoty 5kh a 10Gh kolik gramů musím dát do 100L vody děkuji