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There is certain amount of micronutrients in waterc that plants can uptake by roots and leafs for health grow. Some of elements , especially speeking of iron (Fe ), which don't last long in water as free cationt, and thanks very common phenomena, such elements get forms which are not no longer soluble as insoluble crystals which most likely will be unavailable to the plant. Adding these forms micronutrients to water is therefore inappropriate. I have to mention that some elements are toxic to fishes and invertebrates copper, zinc, cobalt ...). Fortunately, there are substances , called chelates , which can micronutrients keep in soluble form for a long time.

The name "chelate" comes from the Greek "chela" - "crab claw" . Chelators or chelating agents are ligands capable to form a molecular ring ( rings see picture below) with metal ions. Rings of such ligand "protects" the metal atom from creation of strong ties and the transition to water-insoluble forms not accessible to the palnts - for example Fe 3+ . Chelates generally have excellent solubility in water.
Basically metals (not all ) are available in the aquarium (problematic is mainly iron) only after some time ( dependent on many factors like pH , protein content hardness of the water ... ) and then transite to a state where they are poorly accessible for plants and for some species of plants are not accessible at all. Chelate is a large molecule that "wrapps and hold" metal atom and protect it from reacting with other ions. This will also prevent the toxicity of heavy metals such as zinc and copper.

Chelators are not used only as a fertilizers. You may meet it in the food industry , where maintaining the taste of food (from beer to sauces at McDonalds) . In medicine, they are used for curing of heavy metals poisoning - chelate is dissolved in blood and then easily filtered out by liver or kidneys. Another important use is in chemistry.

Figure 1 : chelate (circles ) wrapping (protecting ) metal ( yellow )

Figure 2: The model EDTA

Plants require metals for proper growth. These metals are received from surrounding of the plants in the chelated forms. Plants can produce acids themselves with similar effects as chelate agents(eg citric acid) and only used to dissolve the metal and its transport to the plant body. Already chelated elements are easily accessible for the plant. Proccess of releasing of metal from chelate is not known.

Stability of chelates

Stability of chelates is quite complicated. Each chelate "holds" (is stable) only under certain conditions.
  • radiation
  • The problem of all of the large molecules, which include chelates, is sensitivity to radiation of high frequency (energy) - UV light is a good example . UV light can destroy chelate as well as is able to damage your DNA and cause cancer.

    Figure 3 : Stability of Fe -DTPA and its temperature and lighting dependency

  • pH
  • Each chelate is stable only in a certain pH range, depending on which chelating agent has been used.

  • competition
  • Figure 4 shows the stability of chelates in clean water. The problem is if the solution is other metals (calcium and magnesium are also metals!) , Unbound chelated , in part , depends on the concentration of the winner of the iron and iron chelate displaced. If there are other metals (not bounded in chelate) ions (from sulfates or chlorides) in solution, they can displace original bounded metal in chalate.It shows Figure 5 Stir the micro elements in PMDD or Estimative Index always separately!

Figure 4: stability of chelates
red = unstable, blue = stable
Figure 4: stability of chelates red = unstable, blue = stable

figure 5 Substitution of Fe in Fe-DTPA by free metals

From the tables of stability can be inferred suitability of chelated mixtures of micronutrients:

  • Canadian Plantex CSM+B (only Fe-EDTA)is suitability for water up to pH 6,5
  • Dutch Tenso coctail (Fe EDTA+DTPA)is suitability for water up to pH 7,5
  • Czech MicroMix plus (FeEDTA, DTPA, EDDHMA, gluconate)is suitability for water up to pH 9
However, when daily dosed all "irons" can be used. Stabilty chelate is determined by the size and the quantity of circles of ligand. Effect of chelatation is strongest if the circles "protecting" metal are formed of 5 or 6 atoms.

The most commonly used chelating agents are :
  • EDTA - ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
  • DTPA - diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid
  • EDDHA - ethylendiamindihydroxyphenylacetic acid
  • EDDHMA -
  • EDDHSA - ethylendiaminedisulfohydroxyphenylacetic acid


Fe - EDDHMA    Fe -DTPA Fe -EDTA   

EDDHA , EDDHMA and EDDHSA chealtes only iron. EDTA and DTPA chelates iron and copper, zinc, manganese. Iron ( Fe 2 + also Fe 3 + ) . EDTA and DTPA are not very stable at high pH (see figure). Because Fe EDDHMA is much more stable in alkaline environment and should therefore be preferred over FeEDTA and FeDTPA waters with a high content of calcium carbonate . Fe - EDDHA is of 2.5 x expensive than EDTA. Its use is very effective and usually just part does the same effect effect in comparison with Fe - EDTA. Fe - EDTA is the least stable . EDTA is often used because it is inexpensive. There is known effect of Fe- EDTA and Fe -DTPA mixture where resultant mixture is as stable as Fe -DTPA itself .
The bond strength Fe - EDDHA is 100 billion times stronger than the Fe - DTPA , and that is 1000 times stronger than Fe - EDTA.

If you decide to buy chelates in your store be careful what you are buying, because there is more then 5 different compound sold as "Fe EDTA". Some of them contain amonia which your fish might not fully appreciate. So if you do not know what you are doing, do not do it.
Next complication when buying chelate like EDDHMA are isomers. Isomers are compounds with the same chemical formula but have different physically 3D arrangment. It also gives them different properties. When producing EDDHMA - Fe always look at ortho and para isomers ration. While the ortho isomer has excellent properties, phara izomer is is not considered as a chelate. Fe-Eddhma 6% , in fact, usually contains only 70% of chelated iron (4.8%) Links :


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To verify internet and private firewall setting-


Be sure that two QuickBooks files namely qbw32.exe and qbupdate.exe gets the update access through firewall security software and port 80 and 443 are not disablLE



QuickBooks Payroll T

Having employees in your online business also signifies the growth of one's business, that will be considered essential by many business people. Thus, when you have employees in your organization, another component that becomes equally essential is the employees’ payroll">QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number If you are hiring an employee be effective for your business, it's also important to pay for wages to them. In the event that business which you own has a whole lot many employees, all of them being given a certain task, then you'll definitely need something more than just a mere book of accounts.

QuickBooks Error 152

The QuickBooks Error 15223 can happen when any relevant windows file is damaged or has any error. The windows files may be damaged because of the various reasons and it also causes this error.


QuickBooks Payroll T

For such variety of information, be always in touch with us through our blogs. Searching for the reliable way to obtain assist to create customer checklist in QB desktop, QuickBooks online and intuit online payroll? Our QuickBooks Payroll Support service will help you better.


QuickBooks Error 152

QuickBooks is mainly configured to the office through internet explorer. In fact, Intuit encourages the application of Internet Explorer for making use of QuickBooks. So, if Internet Explorer is not the default browser, its use of the network could easily get interrupted.

visit :">

QuickBooks Error Cod

Basic, Standard or Enhanced Payroll: Choose Employees > My Payroll Service > Account/Billing Information or Account Info/Preferences. Log into the Intuit Account to see the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page and verify your subscription is Active.


QuickBooks Enterpris

QuickBooks Enterprise has its own awesome features which will make it more reliable and efficient. Let’s see some awesome features which could have caused that it is so popular. If you are also a QuickBooks user and wants to find out more concerning this software you may turn to the QuickBooks Enterprise customer service number.


QuickBooks Support P

A small grouping of execs can handle you manually as a result of they’re absolute to offer the standard services. So, in the event that you face any issue along with your package you don’t need to go anywhere except us. You just need certainly to build a straightforward charge less call on our QuickBooks Support variety and rest leave on united states country. No doubt, here you'll find the unmatchable services by our supportive technical workers.


QuickBooks Payroll S

QuickBooks is an accounting software package generated by Intuit. In QuickBooks, makes it possible to all of the billing, bookkeeping, and invoicing at one place.

visit :">

QuickBooks Payroll S

Since outsourcing is very a costly affair, this is why the explanation for an alternative emerged. When this occurs, a far better choice is payroll support with accounting software like QuickBooks that assimilates the processing of payroll as a part of the program. QuickBooks Payroll Support is a renowned accounting software on the market which comes along the payroll process ensuring all of the financial and tax related activities of this business are completed effortlessly.


QuickBooks Customer

Our support also extends to those errors when QB Premier is infected by a virus or a spyware. We also handle virtually any technical & functional issue faced during installation of drivers for QuickBooks Premier Version. We also troubleshoot any kind of error which can be encountered in this version or this version in a multi-user mode.



QuickBooks Customer

Our support also extends to those errors when QB Premier is infected by a virus or a spyware. We also handle virtually any technical & functional issue faced during installation of drivers for QuickBooks Premier Version. We also troubleshoot any kind of error which can be encountered in this version or this version in a multi-user mode.



QuickBooks Update Er

In the event that error can there be, then do on a clean Uninstall/Reinstall within the ‘Selective startup.’ Ensure to manually rename- C:\program files\common files\intuit\QuickBooks.

visit :">

QuickBooks Payroll S

The computer setting with respect to date and time may not be correct.The authentication code filled in at the time of updating a Point of Sales Desktop copy may be wrong.


alex saim

Dial the Quickbooks Tech Support Phone Number +1-888-833-0109 QuickBooks Bolster Telephone Number and get the help from the best in the business. We are offering help administrations 24×7   

visit :">

QuickBooks Error 152

QuickBooks Payroll allows you to definitely handle multiple Payroll chores without any complications. Paying your employees on time is regarded as an excellent business practice and any delay in payroll processing can negatively affect your company reputation. QuickBooks Error 15241 is a payroll error that occurs when a person tries to update payroll and Error message “You receive error 15241: The payroll update did not complete successfully” pops up on users computer screen.


QuickBooks Error 618

We hope using the above fixes you will be able to solve QuickBooks error code 6189. Remember, if the manual fixes don’t work in most cases, you can always rely on an automated reliable solution like Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software.


QuickBooks Error 618

We hope using the above fixes you will be able to solve QuickBooks error code 6189. Remember, if the manual fixes don’t work in most cases, you can always rely on an automated reliable solution like Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software.

VISIT :" target="_blank">

QuickBooks POS Tech

Enhanced Payroll and Full-service <a href=" ">QuickBooks POS Tech Support Number</a> are encompassed in Online Payroll whereas Basic, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll come under Payroll for Desktop.


QuickBooks Support P

you scratching the pinnacle and stuck together">QuickBooks Support Phone Number


 with your QuickBooks related issues, you will be just one click definately not our expert tech support team for your QuickBooks related issues. We site name, are leading tech support team provider for your entire QuickBooks related issues. Either it is day or night, we offer hassle-free tech support team for QuickBooks and its associated software in minimum possible time. Our dedicated technical team is available to be able to 24X7, 365 days per year to be sure comprehensive support and services at any hour. We assure you the quickest solution of many your QuickBooks software related issues.

QuickBooks tech Su

QuickBooks has availed many further versions with this particular software namely QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Mac and QuickBooks Windows & we fix all Quickbooks tech issues. Amongst a majority of these versions you may possibly select the the one that suits your on line business the greatest. As you should really be realizing that QuickBooks has made bookkeeping an easy task, you will find occasions when you may face a few errors that will bog across the performance when it comes to business. QuickBooks Support telephone number is the better location to find instant help for almost any QuickBooks related trouble.

Visit Here:">

QuickBooks Error 618

This QuickBooks Error 6189 816 error happens when opening a business file and certainly will be fixed if you restart your computer or laptop along with your server. Restart each computer which has usage of your company file.


QuickBooks Error C34

QuickBooks Enterprise is a fantastic pick to suffice the elaborate and advanced needs related to businesses. QuickBooks Desktop is highly superior and technologically updated, however, sometimes the users might face some errors. [b][url=]QuickBooks Error 343[/url][/b] is just one more error that the users encounter.

QuickBooks Error 618

QuickBooks Error 6189 - How to Fix | : This QuickBooks Error 6189 816 error happens when opening a business file and certainly will be fixed if you restart your computer or laptop along with your server. Restart each computer which has usage of your company file.

visit :" target="_blank">

QuickBooks Error 152

QuickBooks error 15240 usually occurs because of Internet Explorer security settings or misconfiguration of Firewall settings. A common real cause to error 15240 is incorrect data & time settings in the system.



QuickBooks Tech Supp

Although smaller businesses might not have any far-reaching purpose their foundation completely is determined by their capital base, ownership type, income  & expenditure level. Also, all smaller businesses have never their future growth determined as multinational or big small business ventures do.


QuickBooks Tech Supp

Here comes the role of accounting software; as well as, the QuickBooks could be the one to rely on completely.">QuickBooks Tech Support Number assists one to overcome all bugs associated with the enterprise types of the application form. Enterprise support team members remain available 24×7 your can purchase facility of best services.

uickBooks Tech Suppo

QuickBooks, a credit card applicatoin solution that'll be developed this kind of a way that one can manage payroll, inventory, sales and each other need of small businesses. Each QuickBooks software option would be developed centered on different industries and their demands to be able to seamlessly manage all your business finance whenever you want plus all at once. Do not need to worry if you're stuck with QuickBooks issue in midnight as our technical specialists at QuickBooks support cell phone number is present twenty-four hours just about every day to serve you combined with best optimal solution very quickly.

visit Here:">

QuickBooks Error (-1

QuickBooks Error code 12 0 often takes place when system settings are wrongly configured or irregularities when you look at the Windows registry. QuickBooks Error code 12 0 can easily be fixed with a particular software configured to solve common system registry issues.


QuickBooks Pro Supp

Revenue With Quickbooks Support

Every business wishes to obtain revenues all the time. But, not all of you can be capable. Were you aware why? It really is because of lack of support service. You'll be a new comer to the company enterprise and make lots of errors. You yourself don’t understand how much errors you will be making. If this occurs it really is natural to possess a loss in operation. But, i am at your side. In the event that you hire our service, you may be receiving the greatest solution.

QuickBooks Error (-7

In such a scenario, you shouldn't waste any more time and dial the QuickBooks Support Phone Number and give an explanation for situation into the QuickBooks Specialists. They're going to use their special tools and resolve the errors for your needs.


QuickBooks Error 337

Lots of the common Windows Errors may be resolved with an instant search, but more technical or obscure errors need help from an individual who is well been trained in the Windows operating system.


QuickBooks Error 337">QuickBooks Error 3371 Lots of the common Windows Errors may be resolved with an instant search, but more technical or obscure errors need help from an individual who is well been trained in the Windows operating system.

Canon Printer Suppor

Group printer is fabricated and given by Japanese worldwide ordinance inc. which spent significant time in creating and assembling a different scope of imaging items including printer for home and private company clients. Organization has numerous business portions anyway Printer is one of the primary fragments among them they have as it creates all benevolent imaging peripherals like copier, examining machine and inkjet and LaserJet printers. They create multifunction printers proficient to print in mass number to a great extent for business purposes. For quite a while, Canon was the central creators of the print motors built up in industry-standard laser printers. Ordinance made the LBP-CX motor which was later additionally utilized in the principal models of Apple LaserWriter and the alike items made by HP utilized the Canon. The following models (LaserWriter II arrangement, LaserJet II arrangement) utilized the Canon LBP-SX motor. Later models utilized the Canon LBP-LX, LBP-EX, LBP-PX motors and a few other Canon print engines.We give best Canon Printer Customer Service And Support Phone Number simply call +1-888-326-0222 and get example support.


In the event that you look for trend setting innovation, at that point the Epson printers must be your first pick. They are celebrated essentially for their cutting edge innovation that enables the clients to create rich-quality print outs. You can get a wide assortment of Epson printers in the market. You can pick among the variety of Epson Printer Support Phone Number

Epson Printer Support Phone Number


HP Printer Support P

HP Printer Support Phone Number (+1-888-326-0222) HP is a standout amongst the most prevalent brands for the printer gadget. Canon  has a decent name for assembling a wide scope of PC equipment segments. Hewlett-Packard additionally gives programming and other related administrations to clients and other little or …



QuickBooks Support

Quickbooks Support For Errors

Are you currently utilizing the software the first time? You can find some technical glitch. You will have errors also. Where can you turn? Take assistance from us straight away. We are going to provide full support to you personally. It is possible to deal with a lot of the errors. We need to just coach you on something. Thoughts is broken trained, you are getting everything fine. Where could you turn if you have to deal with the company’s transaction? It must be flawless. Do you think you're confident about it? If you don't, this could be simply the right time so you can get the QuickBooks support. We now have trained staff to soft your issue. Sometimes errors may possibly also happen as a consequence of some small mistakes. Those are decimals, comma, backspace, etc. Are you go through to deal with this? If you do not, we have been here that will help.

Fix QuickBooks Error

Search into the chart of accounts is very easy to control with added search bar right in the chart of accounts. For better information, you could call at QuickBooks Support contact number.

You are able to find account, sub-account & search based on account name & number.

QuickBooks Error 152

QuickBooks Error 15215 takes place when there is any payroll update taking place or during their maintenance. As a result of this the server may well not respond properly and certainly will cause limitation of access when you look at the system.



Printer Support Phone Number

HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number

HP Printer Technical Support Number

HP Printer Tech Support Number

HP Printer Tech Support

HP Printer Support Number

HP Printer Support Phone Number

HP Printer Customer Support Number

HP Printer Helpline Number

HP Printer Support 

HP Support

Canon Printer Support Phone Number

Canon Printer Support Number

Canon Printer Technical Support Number

Canon Printer Tech Support Phone Number

Canon Support

Canon Printer Customer Support Number

Canon Printer Customer Number

Canon Printer Customer Helpline Number

Canon Printer Helpline Number

Epson Printer Support Phone Number

Epson Printer Support Number

Epson Printer Tech Support Phone Number

Epson Printer Technical Support Number

Epson Support

Epson Printer Customer Support Number

Epson Printer Customer Number

Epson Printer Customer Helpline Number

Epson Printer Helpline Number

Epson Customer Support Number

Epson Printer Technical Support Number

Epson Printer Tech Support Number

Epson printer technical support phone number

Epson Printer Tech Support Phone Number


HP Printer Support Phone Number

Issues In The Canon Printers


Now all the technical problems associated with horsepower printers will simply be mounted.


Are you attempting to find Epson printer support?

QuickBooks Enterpris

In September 2005, QuickBooks acquired 74% share connected with market in the usa. A June 19, 2008 Intuit Press Announcement said that during the time of March 2008, QuickBooks’ share of retail units in the business accounting group touched 94.2 percent, relative to NPD Group.

QuickBooks Error 133

If you should be getting">QuickBooks Error 1334, then your most effective solution is to reinstall QuickBooks through the use of clean install instructions.

QuickBooks Error 300

If dB ml sync is certainly not available from the list and it's also not available there please contact our 24*7 Error Support Team.

QuickBooks Technical

 All of us is skilled, talented, knowledgeable and spontaneous. Without taking most of your time, our team gets you rid of all of the unavoidable errors with this software.">

QuickBook Support Nu

You could face problem in reconciling your hard earned money, there might be problems whilst you try to reconcile your charge cards, you will find problem inside the settings of this report and so on and so forth. An additional

common issues are: facing problem while upgrading QuickBooks to the newest version.">

QuickBooks Unexpecte

The huge benefits which you enjoy being a user while using the QuickBooks accounting software are many. However, as well, you obtain multiple errors whenever you work with it. One of many common errors unexpected error 5 in Call to Netsharegetinfo for the path.




Whether you are looking for higher printing speed or better printing quality, Epson printers have it all. The company is offering variety of models in different variants that makes the selection of the right printer a lot easier. Though the company is offering good quality printers still there are some technical problems that can arise and cause irritation to the users. But the users have not to worry anymore as they can avail instant solutions to any of their Epson printer problem from our skilled Epson printer customer service. Our qualified technicians are available round the clock to offer most suitable solutions immediately even via our toll free number for Canada and USA.">HP Printer Support Phone Number">Epson Printer Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Payroll S


<a href="">QuickBooks Payroll Support Number</a>

So now you have become well tuned in to benefits of QuickBooks online payroll in your organization accounting but since this premium software contains advanced features that will help you and your accounting task to do, so you could face some technical errors while using the QuickBooks payroll solution. If that's the case, Quickbooks online payroll support number provides 24/7 help to our customer.

QuickBooks Payroll S

View my paycheck: It’s another fabulous feature of QuickBooks payroll service, it really is a web site where all your valuable employees will get the data of your own paychecks. It saves much more time consumed by doing printing and mailing paystubs each day or replacing lost or damaged paystubs.


QuickBooks Support P

QuickBooks Premier is very simple to utilize but errors may usually pop up at the time of installation, at the time of taking backup, while upgrading your software to your latest version etc. The support team at QuickBooks Support contact number is trained by well experienced experts that are making our customer service executives quite robust and resilient.

QuickBooks Tech Supp

QuickBooks was created to meet your every accounting needs and requirement with a great ease. This software grows along with your business and perfectly adapts with changing business environment. Everbody knows there are always two sides to a coin and QuickBooks isn't any different.



QuickBooks Support P

QuickBooks encounter an amount of undesirable and annoying errors which keep persisting with time if you do not resolved instantly. Certainly one of such QuickBooks issue is Printer issue which mainly arises as a result of a number of hardware and software problems in QuickBooks, printer or drivers.


QuickBooks Support P

Our clients come back to us many times. We keep all of the data safe plus in secrecy. We're going to never share it with other people. Thus, it is possible to count on us in terms of nearly every data.

HP Printer Support P

In the event that you would feel the must know more info on any of the printers that HP provides, you can easily contact HP Printer customer support Service Phone Number and speak to professionals relating to your printing requirements. They might completely analyze your needs and suggest the most suitable printer for you.


HP Printer Tech Supp

It could be possible that you do not see any error message or may well not notice a printer problem until your printer is giving you the desired prints. You may check the printer setting to resolve such issues. First, make sure that the printer is connected and turn on properly.


QuickBooks Technical

If this doesn’t help you, go ahead and connect to us at QuickBooks Technical Support Number. Most of us works 24*7 and serve its customers with excellent service each time they contact us. Regardless of what issue is and however complex it really is, we assure you that we offers you optimal solution as soon as possible.


QuickBooks Support P

You can’t watch out for more or less time for it to get a fix of each and every single QB error.visit:

QB Payroll

To solve Quickbooks problems you can contact Quickbooks Payroll Support.


QuickBooks Tech Supp

There might be occasions once you might face some form of delay in reaching us, let’s say during the time of filing taxes since there is a lot of hush-hush then. We assure you that individuals will revert for your requirements in less time and work out us accessible to you at QuickBooks Premier Support Phone Number US.


QuickBooks Support N

Would you like to Update QuickBooks Pro? We have now been able to make it simple for you at QuickBooks Support Number  . It is almost always simpler to focus on updated version as it helps you to incorporate all of the latest features in your software and assists you in your task uninterrupted. You will find simple steps that you must follow. Firstly, click on file and choose Open & Restore. Now open file and click on Update Company File for New Version. And now maybe you are all set.


Quickbooks Payroll S

QuickBooks and related programming. With a worldwide impression and years of involvement in the business, we are best in business. Our QuickBooks specialists are adroit at giving uncommon remote technical support involvement for all variants of Quickbooks Payroll Support to help you immediately settle all issues and blunders that may hamper the execution of your product.

Get Enterprise Suppo

They may be significantly more than willing to assist users on these issues. Speak to QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number .


install Norton Antiv

Viruses are a true nightmare that affects the performance of your system. So, it is important to use an antivirus.

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Hp Printer Support N

Hp Printer Support Phone Number 1-854-400-5545​ provides help regarding your Hp printer, If you have a home office or a small business, a decent quality printer isn't as disposable. Hp has a solution .​HP will solve your every problem you have faces any problem related to any HP product so you just dialed HP customer helpline number and take the complete support of HP technologies.Need Support to setup hpPrinter, wireless connectivity issue,,hp printer is damaged or disabled, don’t panic. Let the hp printer support highly-skilled specialists get you back up and running. We’re here 24/7

Hp Printer Support N

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Sometimes HP users face some technical problems, therefore, HP we provide the online technical for the HP clients. We are active all the time for the users. Just dial our">HP customer service phone number and consult with our technical support team. 


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Have your subscription to the McAfee activate has expired? But you are facing issues while renewing the subscription and also purchasing the renewed license key? Then you should get in touch with the experts if you are unable to troubleshoot these issues and connect with the experts through <a href=""> </a> Support number instantly as they are available 24X7. 



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Troubleshoot HP Prin

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Malwarebytes is the best antivirus to provide many benefits and keep your computer free from errors. 

Please call our toll-free number +1-844-534-8410 the USA.

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Technical Support


Considered as one of the best bookkeeping software can be used to maintain accounts, tax filing and even for tax returns.  Used by a large number of companies, the QuickBooks has various versions for a different kind of use. Though using the QuickBooks you may face some issues and require experts help and QuickBooks Customer Service +1-888-630-3860 is the one who will guide you the best during the hard time when facing such issues.

Apple Support

your technical failure problems In your apple devices from Apple certified technician and get the solutions to repair your devices, Our experts provide the free diagnosis to analyze the Apple devices tech problems and provides the fix.

Trendmicro Support

We provide combined security of antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, exploit protection, web support, URL blocking, and more to build multiple layers which automatically and efficiently defense your system and all the data.

Norton Support

Norton Customer Service offers around the clock service availability for its customers. They can reach us through our helpline 1-888-630-3860 or can contact us online for technical solutions and suggestions.

1800 Geek Squad

If you need any help regarding desktop, PC, scanning and installing hardware or software or any other advice our expert's team resolve the problems within the time. Geek Squad Support is available 24*7 for their users.

Geek Squad Tech Supp

Geek customer care is an independent provider of technical support services for numerous famous brands including Dell, HP, Canon Asus, Microsoft, and many others. Geek technical support offers diverse and cutting-edge technical solutions to resolve Computer, TV, network, software, and security issues. Geek customer care is the next-generation computer support platform for consumers and small businesses around the world.

BestBuy Geek Squad

BestBuy Geek Squad team gets in action the moment you contact us and comes up with the best solutions for every technological issue.

Best Buy Geek Squad

Best buy Geek Squad have trained and qualified professionals team which is available 24*7 to assist the customers with their queries any time they want according to their convenience.

Hp Printers Troubles

We provide Hp portable computer repair service as per the users customize needs to fix various types of problems with complete user satisfaction. Our team of experts provides multiple solutions for various technical glitches that user confronts.

Webroot Geek Squad

You Can Reach Us 24X7 Webroot Geek Squad Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-630-3860 For Webroot Geek Squad Online Help.

Webroot Geek Squad

You Can Reach Us 24X7 Webroot Geek Squad Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-630-3860 For Webroot Geek Squad Online Help.

Webroot Geek Squad

You Can Reach Us 24X7 Webroot Geek Squad Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-630-3860 For Webroot Geek Squad Online Help.



Buying bedroom curtains from is very good experience. Team support is very good. They helped me choosing right curtain for my bedroom. I bought son and dad brown curtain for my dad’s room as well.


Best Buy Geek Squad

Best Buy Geek Squad Phone number 1-888-316-4403 gives you the best in the technical market support associated with your laptop, desktop, router printer, and other devices irrespective of their name.

aol support number
AOL is one of the best E-mail service providers in the world. The AOL Support complements the services of AOL by availing technical assistance on E-mail, online games and other webservices. Call at AOL Support Number 1-888-630-3860.

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Epson is the world leader in computer, digital printers and other imaging gadgets. The Epson Support is expert at providing technical services for inject, dot matrix, laser printer, multimedia products etc. Call at Epson Support Phone Number 1-888-630-3860.

Quickbooks tech supp
QuickBooks Customer Support your one stop shop destination for all your accounting queries QuickBooks Support for an effective and quick fix by certified experts Call Us +1-844-859-8555.

aol tech support
AOL Support Phone Number Can Help With the Problems with Emails and Online Gaming Account Problem, Sign up Issues Etc. Are Resolved Quickly Call AOL Support +1-888-630-3860. 

Epson Tech Support
Epson Support Phone Number Provides With The Best Solutions For Epson products | The Products Include Printers, PC Etc. | For Tech Help Call On Epson Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860.

Gmail Tech Support
Gmail Is The Best E-mail Service In the World Users Can Easily Send And Receive Mail Via Web For 24/7 Technical Help Call At Gmail Support Phone Number 1-888-630-3860.

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SBC Global Services Is A Telecommunication Company It provides Services For Long Distance Voice and Data For Queries Call SBC Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860.

Asus Tech Support
Asus Sells One Of The Best PCs and Hardware, Asus Services Related To PC Are Available 24/7 For Asus Device Related Problems Call At Asus Support Phone Number 1-888-630-3860.

Apple Support Number

Apple Support Phone Number 1888 630 3860 is one stop solution for Apple device and Apple Account related issues. Call Apple Support Phone Number Toll Free.
Apple Support Number
Apple Support Phone Number 1888 630 3860 is one stop solution for Apple device and Apple Account related issues. Call Apple Support Phone Number Toll Free.

Lenovo Tech Support

Lenovo is one of the leading brands in Home, Professional PC and Peripherals Lenovo Support Provides Most Trusted Tech Services Call Lenovo Phone Number +1-888-630-3860.
Geek Squad Tech Supp

Geek Squad Tech Support services to serve you best technical support & services. Call Geek Squad Tech Support Phone Number +1-888-316-4403 Now.

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Geek Squad Protection number provides best technical service in the world for PC, TV, Electronics, Electricals etc. Call 24/7 Geek Squad Protection Number +1-888-630-3860 Now.

Geek Squad Tech Supp

Geek Squad Tech Support is exceptional in maintaining the repairs of PC and other home devices. Call Geek Squad Best Buy +1888-630-3860 Now.

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Quicken is a management software developed use of finance Quicken Support provides solutions to financial planning etc. For queries call Quicken Support Phone Number +1-844-859-8555.

ATT Support Phone Nu

ATT is a worldwide entertainment, media communication service provider ATT Support has wide audience and for queries Call ATT Support Phone Number at +1-888-630-3860.

Bellsouth Support Ph

Bellsouth is a multinational company in telecommunication it Bellsouth Customer Service provides best customer solutions for e-mail for 24/7 Call Bellsouth Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860.

Quickbooks Support P

Quickbooks is a software package helping in accounts & business. The customer support deals with software problems 24/7 call Quickbooks Support Phone Number +1-844-859-8555.

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Hotmail Support Phone Number is the best hotmail technical support phone number to get your Hotmail related issues fixed. Call Hotmail Phone Number +1888-630-3860 now.

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AVG Support provides one of the best Internet Solutions on PCs and other devices. AVG Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860 can help you securing your Internet and devices.

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Norton Anti-virus is popular for combating against virus in PCs and other devices. Norton Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860 can help you securing your system.

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Mcafee Support Phone Number helps you safeguarding PC from infections, Trojans etc. Our professionals resolve customer problems quickly. Call Mcafee Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860 now.

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Kaspersky is a leading antivirus company around the world Kaspersky Support provides Its antivirus astounding security against the malwares and viruses. Call Kaspersky Support Phone Number +1-888-630-3860.

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HP Support Phone Number

HP Support Phone Number


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Technical Support

(Norton) has changed the traditional method of installing Norton applications. Now, when you go to the market to buy a subscription / license of Norton, you will only get a retail card which is also called paper license for more information visit-


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I have completly read this blog. Its very useful. As we all know about security system for our computer.So here you can get best security service for your computer.

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Aria Das

I have completly read this blog. Its very useful. As we all know about security system for our computer.So here you can get best security service for your computer.

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Avast antivirus is one of the best brands for protecting your system from viruses if you face any technical problem you can dial avast technical support number +1-800-392-9127 toll-free for taking help via our support team.

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Trend micro antivirus is one of the best brands of antivirus in the market nowadays for security purpose if you have any technical issues then you can buzz for support on Trend Micro support number +1-800-392-9127 toll-free for quick help.

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Hp printer is one of the best output devices for the printing, if you have any technical problem then you should call on hp printer support number 1-800-392-9127 toll-free for instant help.

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Brother printer is one of the best brands for getting print out of any data in best quality.



Brother printer is one of the best brands for getting print out of any data in best quality.



Brother printer is one of the best brands for getting print out of any data in best quality.



Adobe is one of the dynamic and established organizations across the world. It has set a perfect benchmark by taking the technology and environment of the technical people to the next level. There are various glitches faced by the users when they are operating adobe Photoshop and they land up in a very hectic situation so in that case, you don’t have to worry and just dial at Adobe technical support number +1-800-392-9127 and get solution for every issue.
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Ahoj, velice zajímavý článek. Měl bych dotaz ke stabilitě vázané na světlo a teplotu. V grafu uvažuješ situace s vysokými teplotami 20 a 40°C. Mohl bys prosím přidat (nebo alespoň popsat) graf zohledňující stabilitu při skladování roztoku v lednici v neprůhledné lahvi? Tedy tma a teplota kolem 6-8 stupňů. Nepovedlo se mi ani v zahraničních zdrojích dopátrat zpracování této závislosti a i když předpokládám, že stabilita bude vyšší, je určitě velký rozdíl mezi 14 dny a třeba třemi měsíci... Díky. p.s. neškodilo by vymazat ten post níže od zyf.. :-/

MRP Lepší bych nerekl, ale můze byt vhodnejsi pri vyssim pH vody. Samozrejme je potreba brat v uvahu, ze ma uplne jine slozeni respektive pomery mikroprvku.
Tomáš Dobrý den, znamená to, že Tenso Coctail je lepší než Plantex, protože obsahuje DTPA-FE?
Burian Vážení - chtěl bych se zeptat jestli existuje chelát na vyvázání rtuti a hliníku z lidského těla. Odpověď zašlete na e-mail: děkuji.B.
Peter Dobrý text.