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iron oxide technical - Fe2O3

iron oxide technical - Fe<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> natural form of iron. Excelent for substrate preparation.
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Natural form of iron. Plants can dissolve and uptake iron by its roots. It shouldn't miss in setting up phase of every planted aquarium.

Main symptom of lack of iron are fading and yellowing of leaves.


Use iron as the lowest (first) thin layer of substrate. Fill tank very slowly to prevent iron flooding.


Minimum: 97% Fe2O3. Actually measured: 98,1% Fe2O3

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Prostředek jak dostat hnojiva do dna v již zařízeném akváriu. Objem 0,69ml sypké hmoty.


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Dobrý den, 50-100g by Vám mělo bohatě stačit. Stačí dno "pocukrovat".  Nesypte ho k přednímu okraji.


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